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Silver Stones - Grancia
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Free Western - Grancia
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Chatham - Grancia
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From Various Reviews Of Grancia:


"...a singular gift for melody... an aural treat... exceptional melodies... ambitious and highly personal...His core group consists of guitarist extraordinaire Chieli Minucci (Special EFX), legendary bassist Tony Levin (John Lennon, King Crimson) and dynamic drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates). The inspired textural aesthetic of the music is supported by a superb ensemble of woodwinds, strings and percussion...These lyrical compositions evoke visions of splendor and optimism...extremely accomplished... majestic...Peter Primamore’s Grancia, is an orchestra lovers dictionary defines charm as “the power of delighting, attracting or fascinating” and Grancia manages to do all three...Primamore’s experience as a composer for film and TV, a medium where the clock is king, gives his writing an emotionally directness with little room for waste or superfluous decoration. It’s also intensely intimate...sensitive arrangements, luxuriant orchestration and an oddly old-world patina...Primamore achieves a stunning success...Primamore has done something that you wouldn't necessarily think was possible -- he's created an album of sweetly melodic, classically-inflected instrumental pop music that remains effortlessly accessible throughout...the album as a whole is a pleasure...compelling...the surround mix would be a wonderful demo to convince two-channel diehards of the attractions of music in surround...Drawing inspiration from sources that are sometimes startlingly varied - the Allman Brothers, English literature, Brazilian music, matters mystical and earthy - Peter presents a rich tapestry of musical sounds all of which are played (and recorded) synthesizers or samples were used and the ensemble was recorded live in the studio without a click track," says this non-Eno artiste in his egghead liner notes. He then proceeds to wax elaborate about the organic feeling of his work which, truth be told, is every bit as intriguing as he says it is — albeit in a gamut-spanning orchestral country fusion style which evokes a memory array that extends all the way from Cale's The Academy in Peril to Mahavishnu's Birds of Fire to Miles' Aura. Impressive, I know....Peter Primamore is a very talented composer and musician, and his entourage consists of a group of exceptional musicians....All the tracks are of a delicate and moving nature."


Grancia is widely available. This is an Audiophile Quality 5:1 SACD. You can also purchase autographed copies from me for 15 dollars. Just email me here

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I've got hundreds and hundreds of pieces of production music in circulation in multiple major libraries; several of which I was instrumental in building. At any time somewhere in the world, someone is probably hearing something I wrote, I've lost count of how many television shows there are in which my music appears, but a peek at a recent BMI statements is pretty hysterical; anything from RuPaul's Drag Race to Inside Amy Schumer to Sex & The City, American Pickers, WWE Table for 3 (What even is that?) etc. etc. etc. it goes on and on...thankfully. For a taste of that side of my writing and producing, click the  Warner Chappell  icon or click my pic and listen to some cool Sound Cloud Stuff.

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