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The Cliff Notes Of Me

I wrote my first piece of music, a ditty entitled "DADDY-O", at age three; singing it incessantly to anyone who would listen. (A great believer in economy, 40 years later it was recycled for a baby segment on the Today Show). In 5th grade I picked up the Alto Sax and promptly got a wax apple stuck in the bell. My woodwind career suddenly over, piano lessons began with a certain Mrs. Marischini. She had a Beehive and was hot in a vintage Ann Margaret kind of way; unfortunately, I was apparently talented, and quickly outgrew her. My lessons continued, exposing me to a variety of increasingly eccentric teachers till, serendipitously, due to my dad’s being transferred to Cleveland, I got a chance to study with Jeff Hutton who played keyboards with pop super group "THE RASPBERRIES"(as in "Please Baby Go All The Way " insanely great melodic rock). He opened up my head to the world of improvising; and that was that. Returning to the Jersey Shore, I began formal composition and theory lessons with a rather unusual guy named Gilman Collier, he of the bare feet in the dead of winter and constant monokini wearage albeit at 300 plus pounds) and started playing in bands. Accepted as a Freshman composition major at Ithaca College, I began four years of intensive study with Pulitzer Prize Winning Czech composer Karel Husa; learning a lot and eventually graduating.


End of youth.

New Year's Peter.jpg

My real world training took place in joints like the Stone Pony & Mrs. Jay's in Asbury Park, every Casino Lounge in Atlantic City, and various substandard establishments throughout the country. Moving to NYC, I became the house piano player at the Comic Strip, wrote an Off Broadway show, and lots of songs. After leaving New York for the obligatory creative crisis, I returned and started doing music for the Food Network, writing spots for Pilot Pens, and placing cues in Music Libraries. Opportunity knocked loudly one day, and soon Kingsize Music was born. As a partner in Kingsize, I co-wrote music for many NBC shows, winning several awards for themes to the TODAY Show, click here and listen! I was also instrumental in creating the Kingsize Music Library, now part of Warner-Chappell. Post Kingsize, I was the creative director of the SONY/ATV "Spin City" Library, which is now part of the Getty Images family.  In 2008, GRANCIA, a collection of my instrumental works performed by an amazing assortment of all star musicians was released to much critical acclaim and minimal financial reward. In late 2010, I launched The Organic Music Library currently rebranded as SYNCWEASEL. I've left the business side of things in good hands and am currently based in Palm Beach County performing , writing and consuming Martinis - (not necessarily in that order).

To be continued.........

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