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The Delray Jazz Collective

Featuring the talents of Percussionist/Keyboardist/Composer Tom Regis , Reed Player Ben Sparrow , Bassist Hugh Burrows along with Yours Truly, The DJC plays a wildly varied mix of Classic Jazz Standards, unique arrangements of Pop Gems, a bit of Prog, and a healthy dose of Regis & Primamore Originals. It's a great band and worth coming to see live. Check out some of the clips below, along with our gig schedule on FB and our TikTok.

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DJC doing our thing with Norwegian Wood at The Northwood Arts and Music Warehouse in West Palm.  

An excerpt from our take on Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Take A Pebble"

Excerpt from "Funky Sunday"-Ouch that's funky!

DJC Rehearsal footage, Rodgers & Hart "There's A Small Hotel" 

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